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Unique British Suri Alpaca

Weave Suri Alpaca

Suri Alpaca yarn makes a superb weaving yarn and is strong enough to use as a warp or weft thread.


For our own work we currently use a simple rigid heddle loom and a 15 DPI reed. A simple scarf approximately 86 inches (2.18m) long and 7 inches (17.5cm) wide generally uses about 90g of yarn.


100g of our pure Suri Alpaca yarn will be approximately 450m long.


As well as the yarn we also have for a sale a selection of hand woven alpaca scarves. Mostly they are 100% Pure Suri Alpaca but occasionally for a splash of colour we also combine pure silk. We can also weave scarves to order.


Our Suri Alpaca yarn is normally sold in 50g skeins that are approximately 225m long.  If you prefer a different weight for your project or your yarn in a ball or on a cone please contact us.  Quantities are limited so make sure you order enough for your project.

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