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Unique British Suri Alpaca

100% pure Suri Alpaca Yarn

Pure British Suri Alpaca Yarn is made from  award winning British Suri Alpacas.  The yarn is very fine , close to a 2 ply lace weight and in a range of natural colours. It's superb for crochet, light weight knitting by hand or machine and very suitable for weaving in the warp and weft.  Our Yarns are available in a variety of blends.  100% Pure British Suri Alpaca, Surino - British Suri Alpaca blended with 20% super fine merino and Suri Silk - the height of luxury, British Suri Alpaca blended with 30% silk a truly unique yarn.


100% Pure British Suri Alpaca Yarn

Arabian Night - a rich dark brown, from our champion Suri Stud male Whistling Arabian Night.

Mystical Lily - a stunning grey, a blend of Mystique and Whistling Miss Lily.

Jessica - a warm caramel from Jessica.

Mystique - a  deep black from Mystique


Surino - British Suri Alpaca and 20% super fine merino

Natural White

Twice as Nice - a natural white and sable twist



Suri Silk - British Suri Alpaca and 30% silk



Our yarn is normally sold in 50g balls that are approximately 225m long.  If you prefer a different ball weight for your project or your yarn in a skein or on a cone please contact us.  Quantities are limited so make sure you order enough for your project.

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